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53rd Pugwash Conference on Science and World Affairs:
Advancing Human Security: The Role of Technology and Politics

July 16-22, 2003
Halifax, Nova Scotia

Working Groups


WG 1: Nuclear Weapons



  • Status of and prospect for nuclear disarmament. Prospects for the 13 steps decided at the 2002 NPT Review Conference

  • Recent developments in nuclear proliferation

  • Current strategies and postures of nuclear-armed states. No first use



WG2: Weaponization of Space and Missile Defense



  • Weaponization of space and its impact on civil activities. Preventing weaponization of space

  • Missile defense

  • Negotiating and verifying limits on missiles



WG3: International Cooperation and Human Security



  • Role of international institutions in the prevention of armed conflict. Civilian protection and humanitarian assistance

  • Multilateral actions and unilateral initiatives

  • Post-conflict reconstruction; governance; assistance to democratization



WG4: Terrorism



  • Terrorism: its roots and its divisive effects on the world community

  • Technology and the prevention of terrorism. Antiterrorism and limitation of civil liberties

  • Preventing terrorists from obtaining weapons of mass destruction



WG5: New Technology for Human Development and Security



  • Communications, monitoring and information technology for human protection

  • Agricultural biotechnology

  • International cooperation to promote equity in human development



WG6: Mitigation of Global Environmental Change



  • Initiatives and technology to limit human-induced global changes

  • Advances in modeling and long term projections

  • Global energy, water and food needs, and energy generation


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