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800 Recipients of the Order of Canada Call for a Nuclear Weapons Convention. Visit www.nuclearweaponsconvention.ca

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The Russell-Einstein Manifesto of 1955 was a major step in the nuclear disarmament campaign by prominent members of the scientific community.

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In recognition of all its efforts Pugwash Conferences on Science and World Affairs, together with President Joseph Rotblat, was awarded the Nobel Peace Prize in 1995.

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For more than 50 years the Pugwash Conferences on Science and World Affairs have been working for the control, reduction, and eventual elimination of nuclear weapons.

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CPG's focus - World peace and promotion of change to advance the cause of peace. Best known for its work on nuclear disarmament, our concern - all causes of global insecurity.

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Nuclear disarmament has always been of central importance to Pugwash. But also - Non-Nuclear Threats to Peace and Security, Institutions for a New World Order, Conflict Resolution, Environment and Global Security, Health, Social and Economic Issues.

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CPG: A proud tradition started by the 22 eminent scientists, the founding group of Pugwash, who gathered at Thinkers' Lodge in 1957, to discuss the path to nuclear disarmament.

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Canadian Pugwash is part of the wider international Pugwash movement. Visit the Pugwash International website.

Welcome to Canadian Pugwash Group

Education on global security, in a broad sense, is the mandate of Canadian Pugwash, carried out by sponsoring meetings, workshops and roundtables to foster informed discussion of experts, for the purpose of providing information which can be useful in the formation of government policy.

“Canada’s Contribution to Global Security”
Commemorating Canada’s 150th and Pugwash’s 60th

July 23-26, 2017, Dalhousie University, Halifax and Pugwash, Nova Scotia

Registration: https://www.eventbrite.ca/e/canadas-contribution-to-global-security-registration-33496674455

Sunday July 23

  • Arrival of participants and transfer to accommodations
  • 1930-2130: Welcoming Reception with light refreshments and cash bar.
    Location: Dalhousie Student Union Building, Council Chambers

Monday July 24


  • Location: Dalhousie Student Union Building, Council Chambers
  • 0815-0830: Registration (new and pre-registered)
  • 0830-0845: Welcome and Explanation of Program, Prof. Paul Meyer, Program Chair

0845-0930: Session 1: Current Challenges to Global Security

  • Moderator: Mr. Robin Collins, World Federalist Movement – Canada;
  • Student Rapporteur: (TBD)
  • Panel:
    • The Hon. Douglas Roche O.C., former Senator and Ambassador for Disarmament
      “Nuclear Weapons and the Destiny of Humanity” CONFIRMED
    • Dr. Sean Howard, Adjunct Professor, Communities & Connections, School of Arts and Social Sciences, Cape Breton University
      “International Security and Cooperative Security: Can they be combined?” CONFIRMED

0930 – 1030: Session 2 – Canada’s Defence and International Assistance Policy Reviews

  • Moderator: Paul Meyer, Simons Foundation
  • Student Rapporteur: TBD
  • Panel:
    • Mr. Gordon Venner, Assistant Deputy Minister, Policy, Department of National Defence
      “What role for Canada’s Defence Policy in contributing to global security?” (DND CONFIRMED)
    • Ms. Elissa Golberg, Assistant Deputy Minister, Partnerships for Development Innovation, Global Affairs Canada
      “How will Canada’s International Assistance contribute to global security?”
  • Discussant: Prof. Brian Bow, Director, Centre for Study of Security and Development, Dalhousie University CONFIRMED

1030-1045: Refreshment break

1045-1215 Session 3: Nuclear Arms Control & Disarmament

  • Moderator: Peggy Mason, Rideau Institute
  • Student Rapporteur: TBD
  • Panel:
    • Mr. Hans Kristensen, Federation of American Scientists CONFIRMED
      “Nuclear Force modernization and NPT compliance”
    • Representative, Global Affairs Canada
      “Perspectives on the current state of nuclear disarmament processes”
    • Prof. Erika Simpson, Department of Political Science, Western University CONFIRMED
      NATO and the NPT: Strategies for ending the two solitudes”
    • Mr. Cesar Jaramillo, Executive Director, Project Ploughshares CONFIRMED
      “Negotiation of a Nuclear Ban Treaty: First impressions and future options”

1215-1300: Lunch Location: Dalhousie Student Union Building

1300-1400 Session 4: Multilateral Peace Operations

  • Moderator: Dr. David Harries, Canadian Pugwash
  • Student Rapporteur (TBD)
  • Panel:
    • Prof. Walter Dorn, Canadian Forces College
      “Technology as a force multiplier in UN peace support operations” CONFIRMED
    • Prof. David Black, Chair, Department of Political Science, Dalhousie University
      “Peacekeeping in Africa: Indigenous versus External Capacity” CONFIRMED
    • Dr. Shelly Whitman, Director, Child Soldiers Initiative, Dalhousie University
      “The problem of child soldiers in UN peace support operations” CONFIRMED

1400-1500 Session 5: Outer Space Security

  • Moderator: Mr. Cesar Jaramillo, Executive Director, Project Ploughshares
  • Student Rapporteur: (TBD)
  • Panel:
    • Dr. Laura Grego, Union of Concerned Scientists
      ASATs and Space Weapons: A Blast from the Past?” CONFIRMED
    • Prof. Paul Meyer, Senior Fellow, SFU and The Simons Foundation
      “Outer Space and Cyberspace: War or Peace?”. CONFIRMED
    • Ms. Peggy Mason, President, The Rideau Institute
      “Ballistic Missile Defences as a threat to security” CONFIRMED

1500-1515: Refreshment break

1515-1600 Session 6: Climate Change Post-Paris

  • Moderator: Prof. David Fleming, Department of Physics, Mount Allison University
  • Student Rapporteur: (TBD)
  • Panel:
    • Prof. Lee-Anne Broadhead, Cape Breton University
      “Climate Change Implications for Global Security” CONFIRMED
    • Prof. Anders Hayden, Dalhousie University
      “The Politics of Climate Change” CONFIRMED

1600-1645 Session 7: Arctic Security

  • Moderator: Dr. Metta Spencer, President, Science for Peace
  • Student Rapporteur (TBD)
  • Panel:
    • Mr. Ernie Regehr, Wilfred Laurier University and The Simons Foundation
      “Militarization and the Arctic: Is an Antarctic model still feasible?” CONFIRMED
    • Dr. Adele Buckley, Canadian Pugwash Group
      “Arctic Nuclear Weapon Free Zone: proposing Canada’s role in this novel variation” CONFIRMED

1645-1700 Closing Remarks: Paul Meyer

1900-2100 Conference Dinner

  • Keynote Speaker, Mr. Ernie Regehr on “Disarming Conflict”
  • Location: Dalhousie Students Union Building, Council Chambers

Tuesday July 25

Breakout Sessions

  • Location: McInnes Room, Dalhousie Student Union Building
  • Participants: All persons attending the conference are invited to join a group
    • 0845-0900: Guidance to Breakout Groups
    • 0900-1030: Discussion in breakout group
    • 1030-1045: Refreshment break
    • 1045-1230: Continuation of discussion and formulation of recommendations
    • 1230-1330: LUNCH Location: Dalhousie Student Union Building


  • 1330-1530: Reports from breakout groups and consideration of recommendations
  • 1530-1600: Refreshment break
  • 1600-1630: “Way Forward” Dr. David Harries, Chair, Canadian Pugwash Group
  • 1630-1730: Finalization of recommendations
  • 1730-1800: Concluding remarks
  • from 1900: Dinner on your own

Wednesday July 26

Standalone Excursion to Pugwash N.S. and Thinkers’ Lodge

Sep;arate registration form: https://www.eventbrite.ca/e/excursion-to-thinkers-lodge-pugwash-tickets-33600989464

  • 0845- Departure from Dalhousie Student Union Building, Halifax
  • 1115- Arrival in Pugwash
  • 1130-1215 Tour of Thinkers Lodge
  • 1215-1330 *Lunch” Location: Thinkers Lodge Dining Hall (The Lobster Factory)
  • 1330-1445 Town hall meeting at Pugwash High School
  • 1445-1530: Light refreshments
  • 1530-1540: Bus boarding
  • 1545- Departure from Pugwash for return to Halifax via Halifax Airport if necessary
  • 1800 (approx.) Arrival in Halifax

Canadian Pugwash gratefully acknowledges the contribution of our sponsors

  • Dalhousie University, Centre for the Study of Security and Development
  • Defence Targeted Engagement Program
  • Thinkers Lodge Society
  • Pugwash Park Commissioners
  • Private Donors