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CPG's focus - World peace and promotion of change to advance the cause of peace. Best known for its work on nuclear disarmament, our concern - all causes of global insecurity.

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For more than 50 years the Pugwash Conferences on Science and World Affairs have been working for the control, reduction, and eventual elimination of nuclear weapons.

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Nuclear disarmament has always been of central importance to Pugwash. But also - Non-Nuclear Threats to Peace and Security, Institutions for a New World Order, Conflict Resolution, Environment and Global Security, Health, Social and Economic Issues.

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940+ Recipients of the Order of Canada Call for a Nuclear Weapons Convention. Visit www.nuclearweaponsconvention.ca

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In recognition of all its efforts Pugwash Conferences on Science and World Affairs, together with President Joseph Rotblat, was awarded the Nobel Peace Prize in 1995.

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The Russell-Einstein Manifesto of 1955 was a major step in the nuclear disarmament campaign by prominent members of the scientific community.

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Canadian Pugwash is part of the wider international Pugwash movement. Visit the Pugwash International website.

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CPG: A proud tradition started by the 22 eminent scientists, the founding group of Pugwash, who gathered at Thinkers' Lodge in 1957, to discuss the path to nuclear disarmament.

Welcome to Canadian Pugwash Group

Education on global security, in a broad sense, is the mandate of Canadian Pugwash, carried out by sponsoring meetings, workshops and roundtables to foster informed discussion of experts, for the purpose of providing information which can be useful in the formation of government policy.

In November, 2008, more than 30 Canadian and international scholars, scientists, lawyers and water policy experts came together at Roundtable on Freshwater to discuss emerging problems in freshwater in Canada and globally. This is part of a continuing program of the Global Issues Project sponsored by Canadian Pugwash and Science for Peace.

Program & Sponsors, with Photos

Final Report: Fresh Water Problems - Emerging Threats and Urgent Priorities

Roundtable Presentations, Background Papers and Supporting Documents
The following documents are presented in the order of the program of the Roundtable on Water. The first document under an author's name is generally the Roundtable Presentation. Other documents are background information provided by the autor for study by the participants.

Friday, November 7

Maude Barlow, President, Council of Canadians
Our Water Commons - Toward a new freshwater narrative
Bob Sandford, Director, Western Watershed Climate Research Cooperative,
     Canadian Chair United Nations Water for Life Decade
Converging Global Trade-Offs - Water & Peace In A Rapidly Converging World
Converging Global Trade-offs - Weathering Climate Change By Following Its Effects On Water Resources
Aharon Zohar, Inter-Disciplinary Centre, Herzelia, Carmei Yosef, Israel

Saturday, November 8
Chair: Adele Buckley (Chair, Expert Roundtable on Water, Canadian Pugwash, International Pugwash Council)

Chair: Adele Buckley

Ralph Pentland
Trickle-Down Gain, Trickle-Up Pain and Water Policy
21st Century Energy and Water Policies
Oliver Brandes
Thinking Like a Watershed - Ecological governance concepts, trends and applications
At a Watershed - Ecological Governance and Sustainable Water Management in Canada
Oliver M. Brandes & Tony Maas
What we govern and what governs us: Developing sustainability in Canadian water management
Sonya Meek, CWRA National President
Lessons from Local Integrated Watershed Management
Marc Hudon
Nature Québec

Second Session: WATER AND PEACE
Chair: Phyllis Creighton

Stephen Scharper
Whose Waters Are You?: Toward a Confluence of Cosmology, Justice and the Sacred In Religious Approaches to Water
Merrell-Ann Phare
Indigenous Peoples - Water
Boiling Point - Six community profiles of the water crisis facing First Nations within Canada
Report of the Expert Panel on Safe Drinking Water for First Nations
Drinking Water in First Nations Communities - Report of the Commissioner of the Environment and Sustainable Development to the House of Commons
Gordon Young
Water A Shared Responsibility - A UN World Water Development Report 2
Water & Peace - Presentation
Water & Peace - Notes
DLO Mendis
Conflict Over Water as an Obstacle to Peace
Chapter 15 - Conflict Over Water as an Obstacle to Peace
Book - Conflict Over Water as an Obstacle to Peace

Chair: Claus Brandes

Aharon Zohar
Water - Gate: Water and Security in the Middle East
James Bruce
National and Global Water Issues
Impacts to Adaptation: Canada in a Changing Climate, Chapter 9: Canada in an International Context
Vivre avec les changements climatiques au Canada, Chapitre 9: Le Canada dans le contexte international
Water & Security
Jennifer McKay
Water Security
Water Governance Regimes in Australia: Implementing the National Water Initiative
Linda Mortsch
Climate Change and Water Availability - North American Context
Background - IPCC Chapter 14
Background - Climate Change and Water - Technical Paper IV

Chair: Julia Morton-Marr

Julia Morton-Marr
It's about people: Changing perspectives on dryness
IHTEC Special Edition: WATER
IHTEC - Watershed Peace Pathways Promotional Brochure
Tony Maas
Addressing Nature's Water Needs: The science, policy & politics of environmental flows
Free-flowing Rivers: Economic luxury or ecological necessity?
David Brooks
Water Soft Paths: Ecological and Economic Security for Canadians
Water Soft Paths: Ecological and Economic Security for Canadians - presentation notes
Human Rights to Water in North Africa and the Middle East: What is New and What is Not; What is Important and What is Not
An Operational Definition of Water Demand Management
John Smol
Water and Ecological Governance: Catastrophic Effects of Climate Warming in the Arctic
Crossing the final ecological threshold in high Arctic ponds
Randy Christensen, ecojustice
Water, Energy and Technology

Sunday, November 9
Chair: Jennifer McKay

WORKSHOP 1 - Foresight
David Harries
Water FOREsight

WORKSHOP 2 - Supply/Demand Modelling
Bert McInnis and Michael Hoffman, WhatIf? Technologies Inc.
What is Simulation Modelling and why use it?

Droughts, floods, irrigation, dams, tar sands extraction, hydro or gas or coal or nuclear power
Chair: David Harries

Bob Sandford
Ron Dembo
Water and Carbon - Making the Link

One Minute Water Calculator
Did you know an average Canadian’s annual water usage is 125,000 litres compared to an average European’s annual usage of 73,000 litres of water? Please visit Zerofootprint.net for more information.


Adele Buckley (Chair, Expert Roundtable on Water, Canadian Pugwash, International Pugwash Council)
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GIP Water Roundtable Programme
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UN Treaty on Transboundary Aquifers

Rosalie Bertell, PhD
Health Effects of Tritium
Rob De Loë, PhD
Toward a Canadian National Water Strategy - Final Report
Department of Foreign Affairs and International Trade Canada
The Global Water Crisis: A Question of Governance
Energy-water Nexus: Energy Use in the Municipal, Industrial, and Agricultural Water Sectors

Jennifer McKay
The quest for environmentally sustainable water use - Constitutional issues for federal, state and local governments
Hoekstra and Chapagain
Water footprints of nations: Water use by people as a function of their consumption pattern
The Gordon Group of Concerned Scientists and Citizens
Changing the Flow: A Blueprint for Federal Action on Freshwater
Sandford Interview - Exchange Morning Post - March 19, 2008
Canadians over-confident in country's supply of fresh water
Scientific American, July 2008
Facing the Freshwater Crisis
Tony Clarke
Turning on Canada’s Tap? Why we need a Pan-Canadian Policy and Strategy Now on Bulk Water Exports to the U.S.
United Nations Association in Canada
A Human Right to Water
Water and Environment Journal
Successful wastewater reuse scheme and sustainable development: a case study in Adelaide
Marion Odell and Aliss Terpstra
Water Quality for Seven Generations - Submission to the Expert Panel on First Nations Water Quality Regulation
Hugh Whiteley, Chair, CWRA Working Group on a CNWS
Toward A National Water Strategy for Canada: - A Broad-based Inclusive Approach
Foreign Affairs, Sep-Oct 2007
China’s Coming Environmental Crash - Notes from Elizabeth Economy’s Article of the Same Title