Arctic Nuclear-Weapon-Free Zone (NWFZ)


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This discussion group exchanges comments and articles that are relevant, directly or indirectly, to a future Arctic, free of nuclear weapons. Content, for example, could relate to:- climate change as related to broadly defined security, nuclear-weapon-free-zones, and human security for the new Arctic. Members send relevant articles in the media or on the web to

Arctic Nuclear-Weapon-Free Zone (NWFZ)

We propose that that NOW IS THE TIME for all nuclear and Arctic non-nuclear governments to take active steps toward an ARCTIC NUCLEAR WEAPON FREE ZONE. We see this as one of the important confidence building steps toward a world free of nuclear weapons.
The purpose of this website is to encourage commencement of the process leading to an Arctic Nuclear-Weapon-Free Zone. By providing new papers and commentary, together with copies of articles published elsewhere, we intend to enable both web-based and external discussion. The context and background is provided by relevant articles on other nuclear-weapon-free zones and Arctic security. Find guidance to the site via Site Map and the menu “Path to a NWFZ”.

Beyond the Cooperation-Conflict Conundrum

A webinar jointly sponsored by Canadian Pugwash, NAASDN at Trent University, and Rideau Institute

Proceedings of an Arctic Security webinar series, edited by P. Whitney Lackenbauer and Peggy Mason

Download contents here (13Mb) or click on the book cover on the left.

Regehr: Military Footprints in the Arctic

The report, Military Footprints in the Arctic, identifies 69 continuously staffed Arctic military sites in the five states with Arctic Ocean coastlines and discusses the challenges of reducing strategic tensions and recovering diplomacy.

As Canada’s first northern indigenous Governor General, Mary Simon has reminded all Arctic states there is a need “to figure out how [they] can continue working together when a terrible war is going on [which is] contradictory to the rules-based international order.”   

 By Ernie Regehr, O.C.
Senior Fellow in Arctic Security and Defence,
The Simons Foundation Canada
with Kelsey Gallagher
Project Ploughshares
March 2024