Arctic Nuclear-Weapon-Free Zone (NWFZ)


The purpose of this website is to encourage commencement of the process leading to an Arctic Nuclear-Weapon-Free Zone. By providing new papers and commentary, together with copies of articles published elsewhere, we intend to enable both web-based and external discussion. The context and background is provided by relevant articles on other nuclear-weapon-free zones and Arctic security. Find guidance to the site via Site Map and the tab “Arctic Portal”.

Arctic Security Working Group of Canadian Pugwash

 – Dr. Adele Buckley, Pugwash Council; past-Chair and Director, Canadian Pugwash; formerly Vice-President OCETA (Ont.Ctr.Environ.Tech.Adv.)

– Dr. Erika Simpson, Vice-Chair, Canadian Pugwash; Associate Professor Department of Political Science, University of Western Ontario

– Mr. Steven Staples, Director, Canadian Pugwash; President, The Rideau Institute on International Affairs;


Canadian Pugwash Group, Arctic Nuclear-Weapon-Free Zone
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To successfully continue its work, the Arctic Nuclear-Weapon-Free Campaign depends on partners and people willing to support its project. If you are interested, please contact Canadian Pugwash. We are grateful for donations to: Arctic Nuclear-Weapon-Free Zone, a project ot Canadian Pugwash