Conference on “Global Markets, Inequality and the Future of Democracy”

The Canadian Pugwash Group is sponsoring the Group of 78 (G78) Annual Policy Conference on “Global Markets, Inequality and the Future of Democracy” to be held at the University of Ottawa on September 27-28 2019. Members of the Canadian Pugwash Global Issues Project participated in the research and planning of this Conference. You can find a brief background on the Global Issues Project at,

The focus of the G78 Conference is on the proposition that the roots of the current nightmare of economic inequality and economic insecurity in democracies around the world can be traced to three interrelated causes: a) the rise of a global financial system that is no longer regulated in the public interest; b) the rise of an international trading system that has dramatically undercut the ability of labour to share in productivity gains; c) the enshrinement of a deeply individualistic ideology that has weakened democracies and thereby greatly increased the power of corporate capital to act with virtual impunity. The conference objective is to explore the most promising avenues for resistance to the powerful interests that have poisoned efforts to address these causes in an informed and free public debate.

The G78 is an informal association of Canadians seeking to promote global priorities for peace and disarmament, equitable and sustainable development and a strong and revitalized United Nations System. You can see the G78 Conference outline, program and registration forms at