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Author/sTitle and hyperlinkDateSource
Akiba, TadatoshiNuclear-Free World from the Cities2007-07-07
Ashford, Mary-Wynne; Dauncey, GuyEnough Blood Shed: 101 Solutions to Violence, Terror and War2006-05-08
Axworthy, LloydLetter from Hon. Lloyd Axworthy2000-05-19
Axworthy, LloydLetter from Hon. Lloyd Axworthy2000-06-09
Axworthy, ThomasRevisiting the Hiroshima Declaration: Can a Nordic-Canadian Nuclear-weapon-free Zone Propel the Arctic to Become a Permanent Zone of Peace?2012-10-26
Banda, MariaDevelopment of Canadian Policy in the Shadow of U.S. Defence and Foreign Policy (Eric Fawcett Forum)2004-04-17
Barot, ElisabethDiscours par Elisabeth Barot, Commission Canadienne pour l'UNESCO2007-04-02
Bedont, Barbara; Simpson, ErikaHarper's Military Plans Only Please Bush,Not Canadians2006-02-15 Embassy
Bernier, MaximeReply from Maxime Bernier re Arctic NWFZ2008-04-03
Bernier, MaximeReply from Maxime Bernier re Radarsat2008-05-07
Bertell, RosalieTerrorist Attack on the Global Civic Community: Speech by Dr. Rosalie Bertell in accepting the International Peace Bureau's Sean MacBride Award2001-09-22
Bertell, RosalieDepleted uranium: all the questions about DU and Gulf War Syndrome are not yet answered2006-09-01 International Journal of Health Services
Bhaneja, BillPeace Festivals and Cities of Peace2011-09-17
Bone, AndrewThe Russell-Einstein Manifesto and the Origins of Pugwash2005-10-01
Boswell, RandyShake hands with Russia over the Northwest Passage, says Arctic expert By Randy Boswell, Postmedia News June 11, 20122012-06-11 PostMedia Network
Bowles, NewtonWhere Are We? Opening Address at Thinkers Lodge2002-07-18
Bowles, NewtonWill UN Hope Survive?2004-11-30
Bowles, NewtonSoft Power: The United Nations at Sixty2005-04-20
Boyer, PatrickThe Language of Leadership2004-09-10
Buckley, AdeleSubmission by the Canadian Pugwash Group, to The International Joint Commission on Bulk Removal of Water from the Great Lakes1999-11-17
Buckley, AdeleAnother Perspective on BMD - Lessons of Bomarc2004-06-04
Buckley, AdeleFailure of Multinational Corporations to Share the Responsibility for Global Security2004-11-04
Buckley, AdeleLetter: Einstein activist for world peace2005-01-13 Toronto Star
Buckley, AdeleLetter to Minister of Foreign Affairs Hon. Peter McKay2007-03-16
Buckley, AdeleLettre à Peter MacKay, Ministre des Affaires étrangères2007-03-16
Buckley, AdeleLetter to Senators Dallaire and Murray2007-04-29
Buckley, AdelePeace's New Century2007-05-10
Buckley, AdeleNuclear Weapons & Climate Change: The connection2008-02-06
Buckley, AdeleEstablishing a Nuclear-Free Zone in the Arctic2008-07-11
Buckley, AdeleProblems of Arctic Security in the 21st Century2009-06-02
Buckley, AdeleToward a Nuclear-Free Arctic2009-07-31 SGI Quarterly
Buckley, AdeleA story about Joseph Rotblat, Nobel Laureate2009-07-10
Buckley, AdeleDoes Pugwash Fit the New Mainstream on Nuclear Disarmament?2009-07-09
Buckley, AdeleArctic Nuclear-Weapon-Free Zone presentation2010-06-03
Buckley, AdeleArctic Governance2010-07-18
Buckley, AdeleProf. M.S. Swaminathan & Sen. Roméo Dallaire: A dialogue about nuclear disarmament2010-09-03
Buckley, AdeleProtect the Arctic by a Treaty establishing an Arctic Nuclear-Weapon-Free Zone2011-01-01
Buckley, Adele"Arctic Nuclear Weapon Free Zone- Now is the Time" symposium report2011-01-09
Buckley, AdeleArctic Nuclear Weapon Free Zone Buckley CPG website Pugwash Berlin2011-10-12
Buckley, AdeleArctic nwfz now is the time Pugwash Berlin, 20112011-10-12
Buckley, AdeleA Nuclear-Free Arctic: Why Now?2012-01-01 Peace Magazine Vol.28 No.1
Buckley, AdeleAn Arctic Nuclear-Weapon-Free Zone - Needed Now2012-10-01 Cadmus Vol.1 No.5
Buckley, AdeleAn Arctic Nuclear-Weapon-Free Treaty by Non-Nuclear Weapon States Would Model Cooperation and Press Nuclear Weapon States to New Strategy2013-05-26
Buckley, Adele; Boyer, PatrickCanada urgently needs a national fresh water strategy2009-02-09 Hill Times
Buckley, Adele; Dallaire, Simpson, WallaceA Nuclear Weapons Free Zone in the Arctic2010-09-15 Embassy
Buckley, Adele; Dorn, WalterAre aircraft at risk of being struck by U.S. interceptors? Letter to government ministers2004-04-29
Buckley, Adele; Jasmin, PierreCanadian universities and nuclear weapons - an appeal2013-09-29
Buckley, Adele; Physicians for Global SurvivalHot Planet, Cold Wars2010-10-02
Burkhardt, HelmutPhysical Limits to Large-Scale Global Biomass Generation for Replacing Fossil Fuels2008-08-30 Physics in Canada / La Physique au Canada
Burkhardt, HelmutEnergy Choices and Vulnerability of Nations2008-09-30
Burkhardt, HelmutEnergy Choices and Vulnerability of Nations2004-05-16
Burkhardt, HelmutGovernance for a Peaceful World: Security for All - But how and at What Price?2012-08-12
Burkhardt, Helmut; Mustafa Koç, Analyn YuReflections on the Public Forum on Food and Population-How Many Can We Feed?2010-11-20
Butler, LeeAddress to Canadian Network for Abolition of Nuclear Weapons1999-03-11
Byers, MichaelLet's work to prevent another `accidental war'2007-04-09 Toronto Star
Byers, MichaelCanada's Arctic race with Russia2007-07-29 Toronto Star
Byers, MichaelSovereignty will solve the Northwest Passage dispute2007-08-11 Globe and Mail
Byers, MichaelBuild an Arctic Gateway for the World2007-11-26
Byers, MichaelSelling out sovereignty in orbit and the North2008-01-22 Toronto Star
Byers, MichaelWanted: mid-sized icebreakers, long-range choppers, perspective2009-08-02
Byers, MichaelUnleashing the human potential in Canada's north2009-08-19 Globe and Mail
Byers, MichaelRussia and Canada: Partners in the North?2009-12-21 Globe and Mail
Byers, MichaelCanada's oil-sands bonanza could mean disaster for Alaska's coastline2012-05-17 Seattle Times
Byers, MichaelCanada Can Help Russia With Northern Sea Route.pdf2012-06-08 Moscow Times
Byers, MichaelThe (Russian) Arctic is open for business2013-08-12 Globe and Mail
Canadian Department of Peace Initiative ; CPSCPrivate Members Bill for Department of Peace by Hon Bill Siksay , MP (Douglas-Burnaby)2009-10-02
Chretien, JeanLetter from Rt. Hon Jean Chretien2000-05-21
Chretien, JeanResponse from the Office of the Prime Minister re: Building Bridges: The NPT and Canada's Nuclear Weapons Policies2004-04-06
Church, ElizabethUN vet to head Balsillie school2008-09-30 Globe and Mail
CIGI Dr. Ramesh Thakur awarded for the best book on United Nations2008-07-23
Clarkson, StephenCautious Pessimism2005-03-23 Globe and Mail
CNANW Briefing Paper:.Steps to Zero2010-01-21
CNANW Canada should support treaty banning nuclear weapons: experts2010-02-03
CNANW Le Canada devrait appuyer un traité d'interdiction des armes nucléaires, selon un groupe d'experts2010-02-03
CNANW NATO's Strategic Concept, the NPT, and Global Zero: Proposals from Canadian NGOs2010-02-20
CNANW Practical Steps to Zero Nuclear Weapons Conference Report2010-04-13
Collins, RobinUnacceptable Risk: Launch-on-Warning Policy2005-10-01
CPG Motion to De-alert Nuclear Weapons1999-09-07
CPG Statement to the Government of Canada1999-10-23
CPG To Prime Minister Jean Chretien, re Joint Seminar on "The NPT, NATO and Canada: The Future of Nuclear Weapons"2000-03-22
CPG Communique of the Pugwash Council2000-08-08
CPG Press Release2000-10-21
CPG "The Only Absolute Guarantee" - A Brief on Canada's Nuclear Weapons Policies2003-04-14
CPG The 53rd Pugwash Conference on Science and World Affairs2003-07-01
CPG Canadian Pugwash Group letter to The Honourable David Pratt, Minister of National Defence2004-01-14
CPG Bâtir des ponts : le Traité de non-prolifération et les politiques du Canada relatives aux armes nucléaires2004-03-01
CPG Building Bridges: The Non-Proliferation Treaty and Canada's Nuclear Weapons Policies2004-03-01
CPG Brief in support of Canada's decision to say no to BMD2005-02-25
CPG G8 Summit, Gleneagles, July 2005: Intervention by the Canadian Pugwash Group2005-06-24
CPG The Russell-Einstein Manifesto on Abolishing War: 50 Years Later2005-07-09
CPG Letter to Prime Minister Paul Martin regarding the Hiroshima Declaration of the Pugwash Council2005-07-31
CPG Letter to Prime Minister Stephen Harper re: Middle East conflict2006-07-24
CPG Letter to MPs on ballistic missile defence2006-10-08
CPG Letter to Prime Minister Stephen Harper re: missile defence2006-10-08
CPG Letter to Prime Minister Tony Blair re Trident nuclear weapons2006-12-22
CPG MacKay raising nuclear issue with NATO president welcomed by Pugwash Group2007-05-11
CPG Canada must help alleviate rising U.S.-Russian tensions, says Pugwash Group2007-05-14
CPG NATO'S Nuclear Policies Endangering Stability, says Canadian Pugwash Group2007-06-07
CPG Canadian Pugwash calls for NATO to Denuclearize2007-06-07
CPG Revitalizing Nuclear Disarmament: Policy Recommendations of the Pugwash 50th Anniversary Workshop2007-07-08
CPG The Imperative of Revitalizing Nuclear Disarmament2007-08-01
CPG Call to Canadians: Understanding the Urgency of Nuclear Disarmament2007-08-06
CPG Canadian Pugwash Call for an Arctic Nuclear-Weapon Free Zone2007-08-24
CPG An Active Canadian Pugwash Group Joins and Shapes the 50th Anniversary Events2007-09-03
CPG The US-India Nuclear Cooperation Deal: Unacceptable under the Circumstances2007-10-20
CPG Letter to Prime Minister Harper and Ministers Bernier and MacKay2007-11-13
CPG Letter to Ministers Prentice, Bernier, and MacKay re sale of Radarsat-2 and Canadarm2008-03-11
CPG Lynn Trainor 1921-20082008-05-07
CPG Statement on NATO's Nuclear Weapons Policies2009-03-31
CPG Ban Nuclear Weapons from Arctic, Increase Security Cooperation: Report2010-03-11
CPG Protect the Arctic by a Treaty establishing an Arctic Nuclear-Weapon-Free Zone2010-11-04
CPG Arctic Nuclear Weapon Free Zone: A step towards a Nuclear Weapons Convention2010-11-18
CPG Waterloo Declaration2012-05-25
CPG Getting to Zero Nuclear Weapons2012-12-04
CPG Letter to Prime Minister Stephen Harper re Non-Proliferation Treaty2013-01-29
CPG Tribute to Kouchi Matsumoto2013-05-26
CPG Major General (Ret'd) Leonard Verne Johnson, CD, LLD (1929-2013)2013-11-26
CPG ; Middle Powers InitiativeCanadian Pugwash Group (CPG) and Middle Powers Initiative (MPI) press release2004-03-22
CPG ; SfPJoint Forum of the Canadian Pugwash Group and Science for Peace "Creatively Advancing the Nuclear Abolition Agenda"2005-10-01
CPG ; SfPReport: "Canadian Foreign and Defence Policy and Global Security"2006-10-27
CPG ; SfPCanada and NATO 'Doublespeak' on nuclear weapons2006-11-01
CPG ; SfPDefence Policy and Global Security policy recommendations2006-11-01
CPG ; SfPRoundtable on Freshwater - Emerging Threats and Urgent Priorities2008-12-08
CPG ; SfPFresh Water Problems: Program and photos2008-12-08
CPG ; SfPFreshwater Declaration2009-01-15
CPG ; SfPDéclaration sur l'eau douce2009-01-15
CPG ; SfPMedia release: Canada's freshwater supply at risk without urgent action2009-01-15
CPG Executive Canada in a Dangerous World2004-11-13
CPG; Arctic NWFZ Protect the Arctic by a Treaty establishing an Arctic Nuclear Weapon-Free Zone2010-06-03
CPG; Arctic NWFZ Arctic Nuclear Weapon Free Zone: Now is the Time2011-01-06
CPG; Arctic NWFZ Protect the Arctic by a Treaty establishing an Arctic Nuclear-Weapon-Free Zone2011-06-01
CPG; CNWC 376 Recipients of the Order of Canada Call for a Nuclear Weapons Convention2009-07-01
CPG; CNWC 376 Recipients of the Order of Canada Call for a Nuclear Weapons Convention2009-11-04
Creighton, PhyllisEnergy consultation, Government of Ontario2006-02-13
Creighton, PhyllisAugust 9 Nagasaki Day remarks by Phyllis Creighton2006-08-09
Creighton, PhyllisAn Arctic Nuclear Weapon-Free Zone: Why is now the time?2010-01-21
Creighton, PhyllisAn Arctic Nuclear Weapon-Free Zone: Why is now the time?2010-03-08 Science for Peace Bulletin
Creighton, PhyllisAlanna Mitchell presentation of DSL, Trinity College2012-05-20
Creighton, PhyllisShirley Farlinger: Friend of Peace, Earth, Justice, and People2013-04-01 Peace Magazine
Crosby, AnnNational Missile Defense2000-10-21
Csillag, RonMorris Miller obituary2008-02-23 Globe and Mail
CSYP A Collection of Essays on Issues Related to International Security from Canadian Student Young Pugwash2009-07-01
Dallaire, RomeoMotion Urging Government to Take Leading Role in Reinvigorating Nuclear Disarmament2007-04-17 Senate of Canada
Delong, BevReport on Government Civil Society Consultations on International Security, Nuclear Weapons and other WMD and their Delivery Systems2005-03-08
Dennison, ChristieDevelopment of Canadian Policy in the Shadow of US Defence and Foreign Policy (Eric Fawcett Forum)2004-04-17
Dhanapala, JayanthaLet's keep the Arctic free of nukes2008-03-21 International Herald Tribune
Dhanapala, Jayantha; Cotta-Ramusino, PaoloStatement on the Arms Trade Treaty2013-04-04
Dorn, WalterThe Dangerous Militias in East Timor1999-08-26
Dorn, WalterCanada's position on Ballistic Missile Defence2000-10-21
Dorn, WalterPreventing the Weaponization of Space2003-05-27
Dorn, WalterCanada Pulls Out of Peacekeeping2006-03-27 Globe and Mail
Dorn, WalterTestimony to the Standing Committee on Foreign Affairs and International Development2007-03-22
Dorn, WalterCanadian Peacekeeping: No Myth -- But Not What It Once Was2007-04-01 SITREP Vol.67 No.2
Dorn, WalterLe Canada et les mission de paix: retrouvez le chemin2008-02-06
Dorn, WalterLetter to Ban Ki-Moon, UN General Secretary2008-12-11
Dorn, WalterGive Peacekeeping a Chance in Afghanistan2009-12-01 Esprit de Corps
Dorn, WalterUS Opposes ICC Bid To Make 'Aggression' A Crime Under International Law2010-06-21
Dorn, WalterCBC Interview with Walter Dorn on Peacekeepers' Day, 7 Aug 20112011-08-07
Dorn, WalterThe Just War Index: Comparing Warfighting and Counterinsurgency in Afghanistan2011-09-01 Journal of Military Ethics Vol. 10, No. 3, September 2011
Dorn, WalterAfghanistan And Canada: Canada's Honourable Role2012-02-19
Dorn, Walter2013 Nobel Peace Prize to the OPCW: CTV interview with Canadian Pugwash Chair, Dr. Walter Dorn2013-10-11 CTV News
Dorn, Walter; Langille, PeterWhere are our peacekeepers?2009-08-08 Toronto Star
Dorn, Walter; Pauk, RobertUnsung Mediator: U Thant and the Cuban Missile Crisis2009-04-01 Diplomatic History
Dorn, Walter; Pauk, RobertFifty Years Ago: The Cuban Missile Crisis2012-10-15 Bulletin of the Atomic Scientists
Dorn, Walter; Paul, DerekBrief to the House of Commons Standing Committee on Industry, Science and Technology2008-06-04
Dorn, Walter; Paul, DerekTranscript of CPG/SfP brief to Committee on Industry, Science and Technology2008-06-06
Duarte, SergioGenesis and development of the NPT: An overview of the review process2004-04-17
Duarte, SergioRoche book endorsement from the UN's Sergio Duarte2011-07-01
Evans, JulianReply to Tony Blair letter from the British High Commission, Ottawa2007-01-23
Findlay, TrevorUnleashing the Nuclear Watchdog: Strengthening and Reform of the IAEA2012-06-13 CIGI Online
Garwin, RichardSpace Weapons: Not Yet2003-07-01
Gertler, AnnLetter to Rt. Hon Paul Martin2004-07-14
GIP The Wasan Action Framework Declaration and Recommendations of the Interdisciplinary Round Table on Climate Change and Energy Strategies2007-09-15
GIP Climate Change and Energy: The Wasan Action Framework recommendations2008-01-04
GIP Global Issues Project prospectus2008-02-22
GIP Roundtable on Food and Population2010-01-15
GIP Prospectus of The Global Issues Project2010-06-08
GIP Action Framework on Food and Population2009-11-21
Griffiths, FranklynBreaking the Ice on Canada-U.S. Arctic Co-operation2006-02-22 Globe and Mail
Griffiths, FranklynWe still don't have a northern strategy2009-07-01 Globe and Mail
Griffiths, FranklynNorthwest Passage2011-11-04 Nunatsiaq News
Grisdale, DebbieAddress to CPG/MPI Ottawa Policy Roundtable: "The NPT and Canada's Nuclear Weapons Policies"2004-02-26
Grisdale, DebbieNPT PrepCom Report # 42004-05-05
Hamel, PaulTerrorism & Biology: The Reciprocal Signalling Cascade Between State and Non-State Actors2004-11-04
Harries, DavidRefurbishing Analysis and Debate on Nuclear Affairs2004-11-04
Homer-Dixon, ThomasOur Peak Oil Premium2012-02-01 Globe and Mail
Homer-Dixon, ThomasClimate change's costs hit the plate2012-07-24 Globe and Mail
Jasmin, PierreFreedom of expression?2005-03-05
Jasmin, PierrePlus que jamais, la paix sans les armes2007-05-01
Jasmin, PierreLa guerre = + de démocratie en Afghanistan ou surtout = - au Canada?2008-02-06
Jasmin, PierreLettre à Stéphane Dion2008-02-21
Jasmin, PierreLettre à Lawrence Cannon2009-05-15
Jasmin, Pierre2009.05.28-Obama 4 mois 2009.doc2009-05-15
Jasmin, PierreAppel à Harper: Israël et Gaza2010-06-14
Jasmin, PierreLetter to Prime Minister Stephen Harper2010-06-03
Jasmin, PierreZone libre d'armements nucleaires dans l'Arctique2012-07-04
Jasmin, PierrePaix - L'exposition2013-05-30
Jasmin, PierreThe Peace Exhibit (Canadian War Museum, Ottawa)2013-05-30
Jasmin, Pierre; Buckley, AdeleUniversités canadiennes et armes nucléaires - un appel2013-09-29
Johnson, LeonardNational Missile Defence (NMD): a perspective by Major-General (Ret) Leonard V. Johnson2001-04-15
Johnson, LeonardWhat is Peace?: A homily on the Gospel According to St Luke (12:49-53)2001-08-19
Jones, PeterNuclear Weapons Abolition by UK Alone Would Still Herald New Era2008-07-15 Edmonton Journal
Jones, PeterCanada and Track Two Diplomacy2009-03-28
Jones, PeterA suspicious victory in Iran2009-06-16 Globe and Mail
Jones, PeterStructuring Middle East Security2009-11-24 Survival Vol.51 No.6
Jones, PeterThe future of the Israel-Palestinian conflict2010-06-21
Jones, PeterLearning to live with a nuclear Iran2010-09-13 Ottawa Citizen
Jones, PeterOttawa Dialogue recommends nuclear agreements for India and Pakistan2011-07-13
Jones, PeterThe ripple effects of Gadhafi's death2011-10-29
Jones, PeterThe rhetoric and reality of attacking Tehran2011-11-11
Jones, PeterIs an Israeli attack inevitable?2012-02-27 Ottawa Citizen
Jones, PeterWhither the Long Road to Nuclear Zero?2012-05-31 Global Brief
Jones, PeterEgypt can lead Hamas to the new Middle East2012-11-21 Globe and Mail
Jones, PeterNon-state actors who bring nations closer2013-01-05 The Hindu
Jones, PeterAyatollah Khamanei's slow motion power grab in Iran2013-05-28 Globe and Mail
Jones, PeterIran is a process. Pay attention, Canada2013-11-28 Globe and Mail
Kelly, GrahamGlobal Security: A View from Down Under2004-11-13
Koring, PaulElBaradei, IAEA share Nobel Peace Prize2005-10-08 Globe and Mail
Langille, PeterPreventing genocide: Time for a UN 9112004-10-19 Globe and Mail
Langille, PeterDespite our commitment in Afghanistan, the Canadian forces still have the capacity to make a big difference in Darfur2006-04-27 Globe and Mail
Lebel, GeorgesLetter to Prime Minister Paul Martin2005-11-18
Leger, Dominic; Dorn, WalterIt's time to keep the peace again2011-06-06 National Post
Leith, MarkNuclear Weapons Free Zones, Canada and Disarmament2005-10-01
Lipetz, EliOpium and Afghanistan: New Solution to an Old Problem2006-11-01
Manchester, Derek; Trainor, LynnThe Forgotten Bomarc Story: Martin government should apply lessons of Bomarc to Bush's NMD2004-03-01 CCPA Monitor
Martin, SandraRobert Reford, Disarmament Advocate 1921-20062006-05-13 Globe and Mail
Martin, SandraCanadian ambassador to Moscow and envoy to UN was a man of peace2008-03-22 Globe and Mail
McBean, Gordon; CJFECanadian Science in Crisis: Research Responsibility and the Right to Speak2013-06-07 CBC: The Current
McDonough, AlexaTo CPG, re proposed sale of Radarsat and Canadarm2008-03-19
McKay, PeterReply from Peter McKay2007-05-29
Meyer, PaulNPT Account Berlin Jul 20112011-10-12
Meyer, PaulMultilateral Disarmament2011-10-29
Meyer, PaulSpace Diplomatic Options2011-10-29
Meyer, PaulDisarmament: Kicking the can down the road2011-11-09 Embassy
Meyer, PaulThe Seoul Nuclear Security Summit: "Beyond Security Towards Peace"?2012-03-23 Canada-Asia Agenda Iss. 25
Meyer, PaulWhither a Fissile Material Ban Treaty May2012.pdf2012-05-09 Embassy
Meyer, PaulUndercurrent of discord at nuclear treaty talks2012-05-16 Toronto Star
Meyer, PaulThe UN and the fate of treaties2012-10-04 Toronto Star
Meyer, PaulNuclear disarmament: The hard slog to get beyond rhetoric2012-11-15 Embassy
Meyer, PaulMideast nuclear-free vision turns into a mirage2012-11-28 Toronto Star
Meyer, PaulThe Fissile Material Follies2012-12-12 Embassy
Meyer, PaulBoycotts that bomb - nuclear weapons states reject dialogue2013-05-15 Embassy
Meyer, PaulHow to express outrage over chemical weapons use2013-09-03 Toronto Star
Meyer, PaulIndia and the meltdown of Canada's nonproliferation policy2014-11-15 Toronto Star
Meyer, Paul; Jones, PeterToward a Nuclear Weapons-free Middle East (CPG e-workshop)2013-06-05
Middle Powers Initiative MPI Report: Tour of Key Countries, February 21-March 9, 20052005-03-22
Middle Powers Initiative Key States Reaffirm Ridding the World of Nuclear Weapons2006-03-02
Middle Powers Initiative National and Global Leaders Must Stop the US/India Nuclear Trade Deal, Says MPI Chairman, Douglas Roche2008-07-27
Middle Powers Initiative MPI Geneva Consultation Focuses on Global Ban On Nuclear Weapons2010-09-28
Mitchell, AlanaI Hope You're Really Uncomfortable2012-05-20
Munson, JamesCanada China nuclear fuel trade deal 2012.docx2012-02-21 iPolitics.ca
Naidu, M.V.Democracy in Pakistan?2008-02-15
Naidu, M.V.Automobiles in India2008-03-01
Nevert, MichèleDiscours de bienvenue "Guerres et écocides : responsabilités et engagements"2008-02-06
nn.Pugwash, feisty at 502007-07-07 Toronto Star
nn.[Trevor Findlay] Ex-diplomat tapped for research chair2008-03-09 Ottawa Citizen
nn.Obama hosts nuclear security summit2010-04-13 CBC News
nn.Fresh start for arms control2010-06-06 Toronto Star
nn.Reply from Prime Minister's Office to Adele Buckley2010-08-05
nn.Flashes of Hope: Hibakusha travelling the world2010-11-30
nn.Douglas Roche's 'How We Stopped Loving the Bomb' (Press Release)2011-07-01
nn.Archangelsk hosts 2nd International Arctic Forum2011-09-23 Voice of Russia
nn.Canada not ready Aug 15 2012.pdf2012-08-15
O'Neill, JulietArms Control Advocates Call for Nuke-Free Arctic Zone2010-03-11 Global Security Newswire
Order of Ontario Phyllis Creighton named to Order of Ontario2013-01-31
Parmas, DavidFanning the Flames of Ethnic Hatred1999-07-02 Hamilton Spectator
Parnas, David LorgeMr. Obama: no war is just2010-01-04
Paul, DerekElectrical Energy Consumption: The Human Side of the Problem2004-08-24
Paul, DerekThe Roundtable on Forests, 22-23 September 20062008-02-09
Paul, DerekTime to reduce rate of growth (letter)2009-06-21 Globe and Mail
Paul, DerekDecision Making by Conclave2009-06-08
Paul, DerekNaval Arms2009-07-30
Paul, DerekA 2012 View of the Possibility of a World Without Nuclear Weapons2012-07-23
PGS Email reply from Peter MacKay re Arctic NWFZ2008-02-26
Polanyi, JohnPoor Defence2004-05-03 Globe and Mail
Polanyi, JohnThe missile gift2004-12-24 Globe and Mail
Polanyi, JohnPraiseworthy decision2005-03-02 Globe and Mail
Polanyi, JohnWar beyond Earth is not inevitable. But only the rule of law can prevent it2005-05-17 Globe and Mail
Polanyi, JohnFrom war to law via science2006-02-19 Toronto Star
Polanyi, JohnAll we lack is the will to disarm2007-01-09 Globe and Mail
Polanyi, JohnOur eyes on the world2008-03-18 Globe and Mail
Polanyi, JohnHope lies in the scientific method2009-05-26 Globe and Mail
Polanyi, JohnGetting over our nuclear denial2009-09-25 Globe and Mail
Polanyi, JohnThe solemn quest for 'global zero'2010-02-28 Toronto Star
Polanyi, JohnWhy our scientific discoveries need to surprise us2011-10-03 Globe and Mail
Polanyi, JohnRethinking our practice of keeping the peace by threatening Armageddon2013-05-22 Embassy
Potter, MitchTerrorists eyeing nuclear weapons, Barack Obama warns2010-04-13 Toronto Star
Prentice, JimJim Prentice reply re Radarsat2008-05-06
Project Ploughshares Ernie Regehr receives the 2008 Arthur Kroeger College Award2008-03-20
Pugwash Conferences Le Manifeste Russell-Einstein1955-07-09
Pugwash Council Statement on the interim Iran agreement2013-11-27
Pugwash CouncilStatement of the Pugwash Council2004-10-09
Pugwash CouncilHiroshima Declaration of the Pugwash Council2005-07-27
Pugwash Council Statement of the Pugwash Council, Bari, Italy2007-10-27
Pugwash Council Statement of the Pugwash Council, Berlin, Germany2011-07-01
Pugwash Council ; 58th Pugwash Conference58th Pugwash Conference statement2009-04-22
Rapaport, AnatolAn Abolitionist's View: Whose Security Does Defence Defend2004-07-14
Regehr, ErnieCanadian Defence Policy in a Human Security Context: Reshaping the Security Envelope2004-11-13
Regehr, ErnieA Nuclear Disarmament Agenda for Canada2007-05-30 Embassy
Regehr, ErnieDecision time for India's nuclear exemption2008-07-24 Globe and Mail
Regehr, ErnieGetting a Non?Proliferation Payoff from India2008-08-13 Embassy
Regehr, ErnieConditioning Nuclear Co-operation with India2009-01-07
Regehr, ErnieNATO's Strategic Concept and the Emerging Nuclear Abolition Imperative2009-02-28 Project Ploughshares
Regehr, ErnieNATO's chance to join the new nuclear realism2009-04-05
Regehr, ErnieNATO Summit: A Chance to Kick the Nuclear Habit2009-02-18 Embassy
Regehr, ErnieCanada's unseemly take on de-alerting2009-03-26
Regehr, ErnieHiroshima Day: Lose the Nuclear Ambivalence2009-08-05 Embassy
Regehr, ErnieAfrica as a nuclear-weapon-free zone2009-08-31 Disarming Conflict
Regehr, ErnieCan civil society help to verify nuclear disarmament?2009-11-05 Disarming Conflict
Regehr, ErnieNukes of of Europe: Now the backlash2010-02-10
Regehr, ErnieNukes out of Germany: Countering the backlash2010-02-15
Regehr, ErnieIt's time to sidline the Geneva disarmament conference2010-02-18
Regehr, ErnieNATO's Strategic Concept, the NPT, and Global Zero2010-02-20 Ploughshares Briefing
Regehr, ErnieExtended deterrence will remain, but US nukes could leave Europe2010-02-27
Regehr, ErnieReintegration and Reconciliation in Afghanistan: In what order?2010-03-04 Disarming Conflict
Regehr, ErnieSince we can't beat the Taliban, focus on reconciliation2010-11-18 Globe and Mail
Regehr, ErnieNuclear disarmament can be a very messy business2010-11-09 Kitchener-Waterloo Record
Regehr, ErnieFinally, we're all talking about talking to the Taliban2010-11-10 Embassy
Regehr, ErnieCanada's Parliament Endorses a Nuclear Weapons Convention2010-12-10
Regehr, ErnieAre Russian nuclear weapons on the rise in the Arctic?2013-04-11 Disarming Arctic Security
Regehr, ErnieCanada-US Military Cooperation in the Arctic: Bilateralism or Multilateralism?2013-04-25 Disarming Arctic Security
Regehr, ErnieFighter aircraft and Arctic Sovereignity2013-05-14 Disarming Arctic Security
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