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Vancouver, BC

Ottawa, ON
Peter Venton
Toronto, ON
Past Chair
David Harries
Kingston, ON

Toronto, ON
Recording Secretary

Ottawa, ON

Toronto, ON

Edmonton, AB

Toronto, ON

Sackville, NB
Cesar Jaramillo
Waterloo, ON

Montréal, QC
Peggy Mason
Ottawa, ON
Director emeritus

Toronto, ON
Director emeritus

Ottawa, ON


Past Directors and Officers

Past Chairs

  • Prof. David Harries, Kingston, Ontario
  • Prof. Walter Dorn, Toronto, Ontario
  • Dr. Adele Buckley,Toronto, Ontario
  • Honourable Douglas Roche, O.C., Edmonton, Alberta [official website]
  • MGen (Ret) L.V. Johnson, L.L.D., Westport, [deceased]
  • Dr. William Epstein, Q.C., O.C., [deceased]
  • Prof. John C. Polanyi, P.C., C.C., Founding Chair

Past Officers

  • Prof. Walter Dorn, Toronto, Ontario
  • Dr. Adele Buckley,Toronto, Ontario
  • Prof. Sergei Plekhanov, Toronto, Ontario
  • Shane Roberts, Ottawa, Ontario

Past Directors

  • Dr. Theodora Carroll, Squamish, British Columbia
  • Phyllis Creighton, Toronto, Ontario
  • Bev Delong, Edmonton, Alberta
  • Prof. Terrell Gardner, Toronto, Ontario [deceased]
  • Ann Gertler, Montréal, Québec [deceased]
  • Dr. David Harries, Kingston, Ontario
  • Prof. Pierre Jasmin, Montréal, Québec
  • Alexa McDonough, O.C. , Halifax, Nova Scotia
  • Prof. (em) Peter Meincke, Manotick, Ontario
  • Paul Meyer, Vancouver, British Columbia
  • Prof. (em) Derek Paul, Montréal, Québec
  • Ernie Regehr, O.C., Waterloo, Ont.
  • Prof (em) Elizabeth Riddell-Dixon, London, Ontario
  • Prof. Erika Simpson, London, Ontario
  • Prof. (em) Metta Spencer, Toronto, Ontario
  • Steve Staples, Ottawa, Ontario
  • Murray Thomson, O.C., Ottawa, Ontario
  • Peter Walker, Wolfville, Nova Scotia

Short biographies of CPG officers and directors can be found on this site.

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CPG Conference, July 2017: Recommendations to the Government of Canada

The Canadian Pugwash Group (CPG) held a conference entitled “Canada’s Contribution to Global Security”, July 23-25 in Halifax, Nova Scotia. The conference commemorated the 150th anniversary of Confederation as well as the 60th anniversary of the international Pugwash movement. The focus of the conference was the current and future contribution Canada could make to global security and to countering existential threats to humanity.

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General: Peace and Security Program

This fund supports the overall work of Canadian Pugwash (CPG), and requires the majority of our financial resources. Typical examples of activity of CPG can be found throughout our website.


For senior undergraduates, graduate students and recent graduates: – assistance with travel and accommodation costs to international and national meetings.

Campaign for an Arctic Nuclear Weapon-Free Zone

This fund supports the efforts of the CPG Arctic Security Working Group. This group is advocating to have the Arctic Region declared nuclear weapons free. More information about this subproject can be obtained from the site

Campaign for a Nuclear Weapons Convention

This fund supports the campaign for a nuclear weapons convention now endorsed by over 1,000 recipients of the Order of Canada.

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“If War Goes On…”: The imperative of ‘joined-up thinking’ in the search for sustainable peace

Remarks in Response to Assigned Question: “Can International Security and Cooperative Security Be Combined?”

Sean Howard, Adjunct Professor of Political Science, Cape Breton University

My title alludes to If the War Goes On, ‘Reflections on War and Politics’ by Hermann Hesse, from which I’d like to read two quotes, first from a December 1917 essay, Shall There Be Peace?: “The bigger, the bloodier, the more destructive these final battles of the World War prove to be, the less will be accomplished for the future, the less hope there will be of appeasing hatreds and rivalries, or of doing away with the idea that political aims can be attained by the criminal instrumentality of war.” And from a December 1918 article, The Path of Love: “Good ideas are in the air – the brotherhood of man, a League of Nations, friendly cooperation among all peoples, disarmament. There has been much talk of them both here and in the enemy countries, some of it not very serious. We must take these ideas seriously…[f]or never again must we revert to what we were: a powerful people with a great deal of money and many cannon, governed by money and cannon. … To do so would be to renounce everything which, prompted by deep affliction and desperate self-knowledge, we have done and begun…”

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Not Destiny But Resilience: Achieving a Nuclear Weapons-Free World

Address by Hon. Douglas Roche, O.C. to Canadian Pugwash Conference, “Canada’s Contribution to Global Security,” commemorating Canada’s 150th and Pugwash’s 60th Anniversaries

Halifax, July 24, 2017

We are challenged to open this conference by considering “Nuclear Weapons and the Destiny of Humanity.” The title surely forces us to think anew about our work in nuclear disarmament. Since the human proclivity for the acquisition of power seems to have been ingrained in people since Adam and Eve, are we destined to have nuclear weapons forever? Or does the maturation of humanity, evident in virtually every field of human activity, lead inexorably to the universal outlawing of all weapons of mass destruction? Are we doomed or are we saved?

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