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U.S. Elections and Nuclear Weapons

The U.S. and Control of Nuclear Weapons

The U.S. elections focuses the mind on who will be Commander-In-Chief — and why we continue to have nuclear weapons anyway. Read Erika Simpson and Murray Thomson’s article for PostMedia here.

Erika Simpson & Murray Thomson | September 2016

Canada Turns its Back on UN Nuclear Ban Plan

Canada Turns its Back on UN Plan to Ban Nuclear Arms

Tariq Rauf, who specializes in nuclear disarmament, says Prime Minister Justin Trudeau, seems disengaged on nuclear arms control. Read Douglas Roche’s Hill Times article here.

Douglas Roche | The Hill Times, August 24, 2016

UN’s Kim Won-Soo calls on Canada for disarmament role

UN High Representative Calls on Canada to Play Special Role in Nuclear Disarmament

Canada is uniquely placed to play a catalytic role between the nuclear weapons states and the non-nuclear states in promoting nuclear disarmament, UN High Representative for Disarmament Kim Won-soo said in Ottawa on May 3, 2016.

Addressing a Parliamentary Forum organized by Canadians for a Nuclear Weapons Convention, Mr. Kim warned that the consequences of not resolving present geopolitical tensions in the world could prove “catastrophic” if nuclear weapons are not eliminated.  He said Canada, with a strong record in nuclear disarmament work over several decades, could play a “bridging role” bringing the nuclear and non-nuclear states closer together on forming common policies.

The High Representative’s two-day visit to Ottawa was elevated by the Government of Canada to official status.  He met with Foreign Minister Stephane Dion, who also gave a luncheon in his honour for officials and civil society representatives.

Mr. Kim also met with the Speaker of the Senate, George Furey and with senior officials in the Prime Minister’s office as well as giving a lecture, “Pursuing a Nuclear Weapon-free World: the Secretary-General’s Five-Point Plan on Nuclear Disarmament,” to the University of Ottawa.  Appearing before the House of Commons Standing Committee on Foreign Affairs, he urged parliamentarians to activate a motion already passed by the Parliament of Canada calling for progress in getting negotiations started that would lead to the elimination of nuclear weapons.

Senator Douglas Roche, former Canadian Ambassador for Disarmament, hailed the High Representative’s visit to Ottawa as “an outstanding success in raising the profile in Canada of nuclear disarmament issues at a time when the nuclear states are modernizing their arsenals and also boycotting ongoing talks in Geneva aimed at finding a legal path to the elimination of nuclear weapons.” 

Read the text of HR Kim Won-Soo’s speech here: UN High Representative Calls on Canada to Play Special Role in Nuclear Disarmament

Nuclear Security Requires Nuclear Disarmament

Leaders from more than 50 countries including Canadian Prime Minister Justin Trudeau met in Washington on Thursday and Friday at a Nuclear Security Summit dedicated to keeping nuclear bomb making materials out of the hands of terrorists. [read more]

Peggy Mason | April 1, 2016

Peggy Mason, Rideau Institute President and a former Canadian Ambassador for Disarmament

Setsuko Thurlow and the Hibakusha of Hiroshima and Nagasaki Voted 2015 Arms Control Person of the Year

For Immediate Release: January 6, 2016

(Washington, D.C.)—Setsuko Thurlow and the Hibakusha of Hiroshima and Nagasaki received the highest number of votes in an online poll to determine the 2015 Arms Control Person of the Year.

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