United Nations Civil Society Forum on Nuclear Weapon Free Zones

Nuclear-Weapon-Free Zones NWFZs are a stepping stone to a nuclear-weapons-free-world. They create whole regions where the deployment, use and threat of use of nuclear weapons are prohibited. They provide regional security mechanisms. They help build a global norm against nuclear weapons  and global confidence in the abolition of nuclear weapons.   [see the program]


Adele Buckley, past Chair Canadian Pugwash Group, presented a paper on an Arctic Nuclear-Weapon-Free Zone .[see presentation]  and displayed the Statement “Protect the Arctic by Establishing  a Nuclear-Weapon-Free Zone”  by the Arctic Security Working Group of CPG, and endorsed by Pugwash leaders in circumpolar countries that are Non Nuclear Weapon States, and by Pugwash Conferences President Jayantha Dhanapala [see Statement, 01/28/2011].

A positive development: the Arctic is promoted as a new NWFZ in a Working paper put forward at the NPT Review by the States Parties Meeting on NWFZ.

The website of CPG Arctic Security Working Group  is www.arcticsecurity.org .

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