Canadians for a Nuclear Weapons Convention / Rassemblement canadien pour une convention sur les armes nucléaires


“The CNWC mission is to support and promote nuclear disarmament in all its dimension, with ongoing attention to the need for a comprehensive agreement or convention through which to codify all the agreements, regulations, institutional arrangements, and verification measures essential for accomplishing the prohibition and irreversible elimination of nuclear weapons.”


Canadians for a Nuclear Weapons Convention (CNWC) seeks to inform and educate Canadians on the increasing danger of nuclear proliferation and nuclear war. We support and endorse the UN Secretary-General’s five point plan for nuclear disarmament, including the endorsement of a nuclear weapons convention. We seek to engender political will by educational means, resulting in the adoption of a nuclear weapons convention as a component of Canadian foreign policy. We are non-partisan, open to all members of the Order of Canada, and are focused on this single issue.

Growing Support: There is a growing consensus expressed by world leaders on the urgent need for ridding the world of nuclear weapons, well expressed by the Global Zero movement. A Nuclear Weapons Convention is widely recognized as the best negotiating process yet devised to bring about nuclear disarmament.