Canadians for a Nuclear Weapons Convention / Rassemblement canadien pour une convention sur les armes nucléaires

Paul Meyer: Nuclear Threats and Canada’s Disarmament Diplomacy, November 28, 2022

From Paul Meyer’s lecture, Nuclear Threats and Canada’s Disarmament Diplomacy: “Nuclear weapons and the existential threat they pose to humanity have assumed a new and disturbing saliency in the last few months. Russia’s aggression against Ukraine, accompanied as it is by persistent nuclear “sabre-rattling” and the blatant use of these weapons as instruments of intimidation and coercion has rudely reminded global society that huge arsenals of these weapons of mass destruction remain. But it could be worse.”

Text of lecture by Paul Meyer at the University of Ottawa on 28 November 2022. Event was co-sponsored by Canadians for a Nucleer Weapons Convention and the Centre for International Policy Studies.

Paul Meyer speaking at University of Ottawa