Canadian Pugwash Group activities 2018-20

1. Statement on USA-Iran confrontation. January 15, 2020

2. September 2019 CPG Conference:  Speeding Towards the Abyss: Report
The contemporary arms race in its various dimensions was the theme of a conference co-sponsored by Canadian Pugwash and the Centre for International Policy Studies at the University of Ottawa on September 26, 2019. The conference brought together academic and civil society experts to examine how the “arms race” of the Cold War is reviving and spreading beyond the nuclear weapons arena to new domains such as outer space, cyberspace and AI.

3. Erosion of Arms Control Panel
Paul Meyer on October 17, 2019 was invited to participate in the subject panel held as a side event during the current session of the UN’s First Committee. The panel was chaired by Sergio Duarte, President of International Pugwash and included Prof Nina Tannenwald of Brown University (author of the “nuclear taboo” thesis); Anne Kempaiinen (Minister Counsellor-EU Delegation Geneva) and Andrey Baklitskiy (PIR Centre Moscow).

4. The UN, Peacekeeping and Technology project had this article published:
Cyberpeacekeeping: New Ways to Prevent and Manage Cyberattacks; authored by
Dr. Walter Dorn.

5. Publication as part of UN/PK and Technology project: Eliminating Hidden Killers: How Can Technology Help Humanitarian Demining?, authored by Dr. Walter Dorn.
This paper calls for new ideas, renewed innovation, and new sources of governmental and non-governmental support for this often-neglected aspect of international security.

6. Setsuko Thurlow, who jointly accepted the 2017 Nobel Peace Prize on behalf of ICAN, was interviewed in Toronto, June 2019 at a luncheon in her honour.

7. Two members of CPG, Dr. Adele Buckley and Dr. David Harries, attended the EuroPugwash meeting in Bristol, UK, Feb 28 & Mar 1, 2019, and both made presentations.

8. CPG sponsored or co-sponsored four panels/side-events at the NPT PrepCom May, 2019, led by Dr. Erika Simpson, assisted by Dr. Adele Buckley

  1. Strategies for Advancing towards a World Without Nuclear Weapons
  2. NATO’s Strategic Concept and the 2020 NPT Review Conference
  3. Lessons of NATO Operations for the 2020 NPT Review Conference
  4. Cooperation Toward Nuclear Weapon Free Zone

9. The Canadian Pugwash Group co-sponsored the Group of 78 (G78) Annual Policy Conference on “Global Markets, Inequality and the Future of Democracy” at University of Ottawa on September 27-28 2019. Members of the Canadian Pugwash Global Issues Project, including Peter Venton, participated in the research and planning of this Conference

10. CPG organizes annual research roundtables:
In 2019, topics included:

  • The UN Enters Twenty-first Century Technologically
  • Outer Space and the United Nations: Harnessing Science for Human Rights and Sustainable Development
  • International institutions in the postcolonial era: For an inclusive peace
  • Researching a Framework for Transnational Collaboration on Common Security
  • What prospects for controls on military applications of AI?
  • Can Trees Save Us?
  • A Besieged Kashmir: South Asia’s Nuclear Precariousness Gets Dangerously Routinized

In 2018, topics included:

  • Bertrand Russell Revisited: regaining a mobilized public and political establishment
  • NATO: Canada in or out?
  • Attack Helicopters and Other Crucial Technologies in UN
  • New Posture for Life
  • Climate change: a discussion about Project Drawdown

11. War or Peace in Cyberspace: Whither International Cyber Security Policy? Paul Meyer organized a policy conference in May 2018,  Waterloo, Ontario.

12. CPG co-sponsored three panels/side-events at the NPT PrepCom May, 2018, led by Dr. Erika Simpson, assisted by Dr. Adele Buckley

13. May 2018: CPG was a participant in and cosponsor of: “How to Save the World in a Hurry” conference at the University of Toronto. Conference organizer was Prof Metta Spencer, CPG emeritus member. A list of 25 policies — the “Platform for Survival” — was adopted by consensus.

14. CPG continues to be the administrative home of Canadians for a Nuclear Weapons Convention (CNWC). In February 2020, CNWC hosted a visit of UN High Representative for Disarmament Affairs, Ms. Izumu Nakamitsu. She met parliamentarians, government officials and gave a public lecture. CNWC co-hosts expert panel discussions, and also presents an annual award to a Canadian who has made a significant contribution to a peaceful world.

15. In 2020, CPG became the administrative home of the Canadian Network to Abolish Nuclear Weapons (CNANW). CNANW is asking Canada’s Prime Minister to be keynote speaker at the 75th Anniversary Commemoration of Hiroshima/Nagasaki, August 6,2020 in Ottawa.

16. CPG sponsors two well-used discussion groups and , managed by Adele Buckley and Robin Collins respectively.

17. A new CPG Board of Directors was elected at the Annual General Meeting in September, 2019. Details can be found at

18. The CPG website was actively used, with over 50 new items posted in 2019.

CPG was a signatory (and/or co-author) to several Canadian NGO co-organized statements.
In addition several reports, publications, op-eds were produced by individual CPG members.