Good News Service #50: Summer 2017

  1. Canada on the wrong side of the anti-nuke movement
  2. General Lee Butler: from Cold Warrior to Outspoken Disarmer
  3. What You can do today: Let your views be known by phone to: Global Affairs Canada. Ask to speak with Chrystia Freeland, Foreign Affairs Minister. 613.992.5234
  4. The 81-year-old woman inspiring a nation to recycle
  5. 110 recipients of the Order of Canada called on the Prime Minister to support UN negotiations to rid the world of nuclear weapons
  6. Afghanistan authorities make progress in fight against corruption
  7. UN Women’s Executive Board visits Women’s work in Rural India
  8. Mexican Senate approves new law on disappearances of women
  9. RWANU helps Ugandan women grab life by the horns
  10. Iranian President Rohani Wins Re-election in a Landslide – a Blow to Hardliners

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