Good News Service #53: November 2017

  1. Witness to History: Pope’s rejection of nukes a milestone, says ex-Senator Douglas Roche
  2. Can Canada make a meaningful return to UN Peacekeeping?
  3. Chris Hadfield continues his description of good news stories. Here are nine more of them
  4. The Danes head the World Happiness Report, twice! Sicilians, too, are happy for more sensual reasons
  5. For the birds: about Warblers, Hawks, Eagles and Ravens: perhaps they are smarter than we think!
  6. Say “Yes!”
  7. Using fun (part 1: cartoons)
  8. Using fun (part 2: circuses)
  9. Polio and Malaria Programming in Borno, Nigeria
  10. Climate Smart Agriculture

Download the full issue here (docx)