CPG at Thinkers’ Lodge

Canadian Pugwash Group conference participants at Thinkers' Lodge

Canadian Pugwash conference “The Way Forward to a World Free of Nuclear Weapons” July 9-11, 2015,  at the National Historic Site of Thinkers’ Lodge in Pugwash, Nova Scotia, featured leading Canadian and American experts. The conference  examined the challenges posed by the current international security context and ideas for making real progress on the road to a world without nuclear weapons.  [see Canadian Pugwash Group conference program and speaker presentations.]

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Fighter Aircraft (3): Defence at Home and Abroad

Canadian defence policy is focused on three contexts: i) defending Canada, ii) defending North America, and iii) contributing to international peace and security. Fighter aircraft are not “essential” to Canadian action in any of these contexts.

Disarming Arctic Security briefing paper (pdf)

Ernie Regehr O.C. | June 18, 2015

Over 940 Recipients of the Order of Canada Call for a Nuclear Weapons Convention

Over 940 recipients of the Order of Canada have joined an initiative led by John Polanyi, C.C., Douglas Roche, O.C. and Murray Thomson, O.C., calling for international negotiations to achieve a Nuclear Weapons Convention – a verifiable treaty on the prohibition and elimination of nuclear weapons.

Visit www.nuclearweaponsconvention.ca for the most recent list of recipients.