Securing the Peaceful Uses of Space for Future generations (2)

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Good News Service #28: Early Fall 2013

  1. Why Sharing News About Solutions Is A Revolutionary Act
  2. Huge Increases In Production And Use Of Renewable Energy
  3. Ten Million Indian Families Take Part In 100,000 Forest Management Groups ; 200 Million Trees Grown In Niger
  4. US, Russia Reach Agreement To Secure Syria’s Chemical Weapons
  5. Open Ended Working Group Seeks To End The Paralysis Of Disarmament Initiatives
  6. Archbishop Tutu And The Dalai Lama: Are They Just “Two Naughty Schoolboys” Hanging Out Together?
  7. Women Nobel Peace Laureates Urge Military Spending Cuts
  8. Cape Takes On Lawn Pesticides And Wins First Round
  9. Amnesty International Speaking Out For Justice In Africa
  10. Pakistani Teenager At The UN: “One Pen Can Change The World”
  11. Avaaz: Grassroots Network Claims 24 Million Support Base In 18 Countries And Operates In 17 Languages
  12. Iran Could Be A Surprise Moderate In Middle East Talks

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Nobel Peace Prize Citation


For more than forty years the Pugwash Conferences on Science and World Affairs have been working for the control reduction, and eventual elimination of nuclear weapons. It was in recognition of these efforts that Pugwash, together with its President, Joseph Rotblat, was awarded the Nobel Peace Prize in 1995.

View the citation by the Norwegian Nobel Committee below.

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