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Minutes to Midnight



Why more than 800 Order of Canada recipients call for Nuclear Disarmament.

By Murray Thomson, O.C.

The genesis for Minutes to Midnight arose from the action of 100 Nobel Laureates who marked the 100th anniversary of the Nobel Prize in 2001 with a newspaper advertisement warning that the security of the world hangs on environmental and social reform. A committee, formed to promote this statement through prominent Canadians, began soliciting the support of Order of Canada recipients. The movement has grown through the years as has the urgency of the global situation. This book is their call for immediate action on Nuclear Disarmament.

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Nuclear Security Requires Nuclear Disarmament

Leaders from more than 50 countries including Canadian Prime Minister Justin Trudeau met in Washington on Thursday and Friday at a Nuclear Security Summit dedicated to keeping nuclear bomb making materials out of the hands of terrorists. [read more]

Peggy Mason | April 1, 2016

Peggy Mason, Rideau Institute President and a former Canadian Ambassador for Disarmament